If you need help with any of my Apps, please feel free and contact me via email!

TouchBells 2.3.2 – Now with volume discount
04.06.2018 – 10:15 – Thomas Braun
In addition to minor bug fixes and optimizations, TouchBells is now also available in the Apple Volume Purchase Program for educational institutions with a 50% volume discount starting at 20 units!

Space Guard is back
19.04.2018 – 21:06 – Thomas Braun
I’m proud to announce that Space Guard is also back in the AppStore. The biggest challenge was making Space Guard 64-bit compatible and implementing necessary iOS technologies. But now it is done! Have fun with Space Guard again!

Also the web page for Space Guard is available. You can access the page via the menu item „iPad Apps

Facebook Page now online
03.04.2018 – 13:00 – Thomas Braun
I’m happy to announce that the CoolApps Facebook Page is also now online. News about CoolApps and my apps can also be found there.

Product Sites now online
02.04.2018 – 17:51 – Thomas Braun
It continues to progress… I am pleased to announce that the product pages for TouchBells, Mind Twist and RPN Calculus are now online. The pages contain all relevant information about the apps and will help you in your decision to load the app. 😉

You can access the pages via the menu item „iPad Apps

The journey back …
04.03.2018 – 12:30 – Thomas Braun
I’m pleased to announce that Space Guard has reached nearly 85% of iOS API fixes and 64-bit compatibility. There are still some hurdles to overcome, but hopefully it will not take too long…

New Homepage online
20.01.2018 – 11:43 – Thomas Braun
The new CoolApps homepage is now online! But also still in progress… Gradually I will design and update the app pages. It pays off to visit the site regularly. 😉

TouchBells 2.3 released
06.01.2018 – 13:24 – Thomas Braun
A new version 2.3 of TouchBells is released. In addition to improvements and bug fixes, the contact information has been updated.

RPN Calculus 1.7 released
04.01.2018 – 18:28 – Thomas Braun
RPN Calculus is also back! The scientific calculator has been made 64-bit compatible and now runs on iOS 11. RPN Calculus can be downloaded again in the AppStore. Sorry for the delay!

Mind Twist 2.1 released
04.01.2018 – 18:20 – Thomas Braun
Mind Twist is back! The game has been made 64-bit compatible and now runs on iOS 11. Mind Twist can be downloaded again in the AppStore. Sorry for the delay!

RT Development dissolved
01.01.2018 – 13:00 – Thomas Braun
Unfortunately, RT Development has been dissolved. I have taken over the apps and now I’m about to adapt and revise them to 64 bit. I’m also redesigning the website. Please be patient if this takes a while. I thank you very much for your understanding!