A Strategic Game for the iPad.
Version 2.2

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Mind Twist is an easy to play, strategic game for the Apple iPad. The goal is to remove all, or as may as possible, of the colored tiles on the playing field. Tiles that are surrounded by one or more tiles with the same color can be removed, by touching any tile in the group.

The more tiles of the same color you remove at once, the more points you get. To achieve different tile layouts, frequently rotate („twist“) your iPad to rearrange the tiles!

The game is over, when all tiles are removed or no tiles could be removed anymore.


Well, in general, MindTwist is a classic „remove them all“ game. That means, that the goal of the game is to finally get rid of all the tiles on the playing field.

Tiles are removed by touching a tile that is surrounded (top, bottom, left, right – not diagonal!) by one or more tiles with the same color as the touched tile. The tiles of the same color are removed from the playing field and, if the removed tiles were surrounded by other tiles, these other tiles obey the gravity and fall down to fill the area of the before removed tiles.

You get points for all removed tiles. The more tiles you manage to remove at once, the more points you get! So it is important to remove as much tiles as possible at once in order to get a high score. This is were a unique feature of MindTwist comes in:

On rotation, the tiles „fall“ down to the new bottom side of the playing field – according to the gravity. Using this feature is important, because by rotating the ipad, you get new combinations of the tiles to remove.

Play the video on the right to get a demonstration ob how the tiles fall down when the iPad is rotated.


Mind Twist offers five different tile styles to choose from. In the Game Options, you can select a specific style or you can let the game choose a new style for every new game randomly.

The available styles are:

Classic Glass Stone Style

Diamonds Style

Spheres Style

Flowers Style

Smiley Style

Furthermore, Mind Twist comes with many different background picture to choose from, different sounds depending on the tiles style and four different background music tracks. By default, Mind Twist randomizes the music, tiles style and background image.

Compete with other MindTwist players

Mind Twist integrates Game Center Leader Boards!

When activated in the Mind Twist Options, Mind Twist sends your score to Game Center. Using Game Center, you can see the scores of others playing Mind Twist.

The Leader Boards are seperated by the game difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.

Mind Twist Game Center Leaderboards

What Users Say

„Sehr gute App zum Zeitvertreib. Meinen Kindern gefällt es besonders gut. Daher 5 Sterne. Macht weiter so.“
Schnudeli, Germany
„Wirklich ein klasse Spiel! Kann man nur weiter empfehlen! An die Entwickler macht weiter so, freue mich auf weitere Spiele von euch!“
ludde80, Germany
„Pretty good. Game most like boxxi!“
Catherine Pfeifer-Lawler, United States
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A Strategic Game for the iPad.
Version 2.2

only € 1.09 / $ 0.99