The ultimate carillon for the iPad.
Version 2.3.2

only € 2.29 / $ 1.99


TouchBells is an easy and fun to use carillon music instrument (a.k.a. Glockenspiel) for the Apple iPad. You play the TouchBells instrument by touching the bells with your fingers. TouchBells has a range of approx. 1 1/2 octave – from C3 to Fis4. TouchBells is contrapuntal and can play up to 10 sounds simultaneously. However, a classic Glockenspiel instrument is played using two mallets, so normally a maximum of two sounds are played simultaneously.

TouchBells comes with 25 demo songs, to listen to or to start learning to play immedialtely. TouchBells inculdes three different instruments, a classic Glockenspiel, a Vibraphone and a Tubular Bells instrument. Each with different sounds and instrument design. TouchBells ist touch sensitive! The harder you hit the bells, the louder the instrument sounds.

Xylophone Instrument

Vibraphone Instrument

Tubular Bells Instrument

TouchBells is perfect for children and adults to learn the chromatic scale and basic harmonics, or just to have fun.

Record Your Songs

Create your own compositions. Record what you play with the TouchBells recording function. Add your new songs to the TouchBells song library. To get the idea, listen to recorded songs from TouchBells right here:

Ode to Joy
(Xylophone Instrument)
She’ll be coming round the mountain
(Vibraphone Instrument)
Jingle Bells
(Tubular Bells Instrument)

Manage Your Songs

Create new songs or edit the song information. Listen to a song directly in the song management. Choose a song for playback in the instrument view or learn how to play with the teach mode (see next chapter)
You can also share or export your songs as TouchBells Song or MP3 File.
Send your songs by EMail or export your songs to your iTunes library.

Teach Yourself How To Play

The teach mode helps you to learn to play.

In teach mode, TouchBells shows red markers on the notes you have to touch. Touch the marked note to move to the consequent note. With the teach mode and the 25 included demo songs, you will quickly learn to play the TouchBells instrument.

Furthermore, the teach mode is a hands-on support to learn unfamiliar songs.

What Users Say

„Great for a beginner – I love the tutor mode: you can turn it on or off, or just play and watch, and then teach yourself the tune. Adjustable tuning, vibes or bells, responsive volume depending on where you strike. It’s a very nice way to exercise your musical brain. Looks perfect for a real musician, too.“
Ghitle, Unites States
„Great – Very nicely done – 1 1/2 octaves, chromatics, record/playback facility. An excellent step-up from the basic children’s xylophone.“
muddy-funster, United Kingdom
„Worth the money – This app delivers as promised. the user interface is intuitive and notes sound immediately when played. nice job!“
Joe N., United States
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The ultimate carillon for the iPad.
Version 2.3.2

only € 2.29 / $ 1.99