Space Guard

Blast Your Way To A Cleaner Galaxy
Version 1.2

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Evil forces are still at work… They pollute the universe and hurl huge, dangerous boulders at us. Now it’s up to you! Free the universe from the rubble and defend it against bad enemies! Collect achievements and climb up the ranks! Play alone or compete with your friends in two-player mode and try to become the best Space Guard worldwide! Join the Space Guards and take the challenge!

Watch the video below to get an impression of Space Guard, its gameplay, and see the game in action!

Take also a look at the following expressive screenshots to see more in detail!

The background graphics of Space Guard are partly animated and random. That means, if you play the same level next time, it will not look like the one before. Planets, suns and nebulas randomly determine their positions, sizes and look, but always in such a way that the background continues looking good ;-). Take a closer look at the following screenshots:


Survive the levels by destroying all asteroids and defending yourself against bad enemies. Your ship has limited shield energy to protect you against hits. The game is over, when you have lost all your ships.

The goal of each level is to destroy all asteroids. Depending on the asteroids size, you get different points for asteroid destruction. Bonus items give you additional points or other special features like shield energy, special weapons or additional ships.

Hostile objects show up from time to time to attack you – fight against the enemy space ships to get extra points. From time to time, you get challenged to protect a space station. Then the goal of the level is to minimize the damage the station gets from the asteroids.

Space Guard offers three game difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard.

Further, you have the following options to start a game:

  • Single Player
    Play stand-alone and try to get a high score and make progress on achievements and ranks.
  • Two Player, one iPad
    Two players play on one iPad, either using onscreen game controls or the additional „Space Guard Controller“ app.
  • Remote Multiplayer
    Remote Multiplayer games couple two iPads using nearby WLAN or the Internet via Game Center.

Achievements, Ranks and Statistics

When playing Space Guard, you can win various achievements. Also, depending on the difficulty you play, how high your final score for a game is and what level you reach, Space Guard calculates a progress on the next rank you apply for.

Since the ranks are achievements too, you can check the rank of your friends on Game Center.

Use the Space Guard Statistics to view several informations about your games, like:

  • A statistics overall survey
  • A history of all the games you have played
  • Charts which show you the process of several characteristics over time

Game Center

Space Guard integrates Game Center.
Compete with others in multiplayer matches or by gaining achievements, higher ranks and by heading the Game Center global Leaderboards.

What The Others Says

Space Guard was mentioned on „Today’s best App“ on Friday, 31st August 2013 on!
„This action-arcade game reintroduces Asteroids to your entertainment zone… multiplayer capability will likely amaze you the most, especially because of the many ways to approach it. For the ultimate setup, gather an iPad, two iPhones / iPod touchs, and install the companion app. Now, the experience becomes console-like…“
Casey Tschida,
Read the full review here: – „Today’s best App“

Space Guard was reviewed 4 stars on on Monday, 16th 2013 September!
„… The application is one of the better blast-and-avoid titles we’ve seen recently. Its controls are simple, the levels are fun, and the potential is never ending…
Luke Patrick,
Read the full review here: TheiPhoneAppReview


Space Guard

Blast Your Way To A Cleaner Galaxy
Version 1.2

only € 1.09 / $ 0.99